Support Pedestal


Armada Groupe® Joins Austrialia's Biggest Exhibition, Sydney Build, 2019

Armada Groupe®, who participated in Australia’s largest construction fair, Sydney Build 2019, was the focal point of the exhibition with its SUPPORT® and SurPlot® Screwjack Pedestal Systems products exhibited at booth C-95.

The Sydney Build 2019, a leading industry trade fair featuring more than 250 participating companies that thousands of professionals visit, took place in Sydney, Australia, from March 14, 2019 to March 15, 2019. Pioneering innovation in service and production, ARMADA Groupe® came together with all key players in the industry at Sydney Build 2019, which incorporates the latest opportunities in the housing sector, infrastructure and construction. ARMADA Groupe®, which has been manufacturing, selling, and implementing SUPPORT® Adjustable Pedestal Systems for 25 years, is able to fully respond to the demands of industry professionals for experience and trust, as demand for this innovative system, which can be used for terrace, balcony, dry pool and square flooring.
Offering alternative solutions to classic methods, and continuing to add value to its R&D efforts, ARMADA Groupe® is rightfully proud to be involved in numerous important projects, each of which has a unique architectural approach at home and abroad.