Support Pedestal


The Support Adjustable Pedestal system, which has been involved in many important and prestigious projects throughout the world and in Turkey for 20 years, is an important and indispensable brand for the terrace, balcony, dry pool and square flooring with its ISO 9001-2008 quality assurance and eco-friendly raw material.

Support Adjustable Pedestal, which are completely domestic production, provide many advantages to architects, project managers, practitioners, and end-users from installation to use, as opposed to modern and alternative solutions and conventional mortar systems.

Support Pedestal, which earns points for LEED certification, is a useful product for ecological balance with its ability to be one hundred percent recyclable.

Turkey's first domestic brand Support Adjustable Pedestal systems are manufactured by ARMADA Groupe®, which came to prominence in 2001 with its environmentally sensitive products and applications.


Under the responsibility of being a reliable and pioneering company that opens different windows to its sector, identified with its name; with the awareness that nature is not inherent but endowed in its production, our company has adopted a policy of keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies, responding to the needs of its domestic and international customers in a timely and maximum manner by working with a customer-oriented approach, taking responsibility for raising the awareness of its stakeholders and society through various organizations, and taking itself one step further each day based on continuous improvement.


Our company strives to carry out its operations with renewable energy sources and prefers the products, production methods, and marketing tools and equipment it uses in all its projects, as well as working and service models that are in line with its ecological and sustainability vision.

We offer services to our customers in Turkey and abroad with the Istanbul Central Office for the marketing of the Support Pedestal brand and with the Brussels European Contact Office.